Savalino welcomes loyal supporters to join our program. AWAP Society. We have two tiers Passion-ist and Active-ist.

The Passion-ist program will give you 20% discount etcetera, etcetera ,etcetera ,etcetera ,etcetera

The Active-ist program will give you 25% discount etcetera, etcetera ,etcetera ,etcetera ,etcetera (they will be a part of a reference group and give comments and feedback on new developments prior to production. Include reviews on Amazon.

Active-ist will also receive an individual discount code and once that the code has generated more than 1000 USD in revenue there will be a cash-back transaction.


Both Active-ist and Passion-ist will be required to:

- Loyal supporter, promoter, and wearer of Savalino brand

- Follow and contribute to all Savalino social media handles

- Actively share, like, and comment on Savalino posts

- Post your positive experiences about our products and brands



Connect with us

@savalinoapparel #savalino #activewithapassion #savalinoapparel

#savalinopassionist #savalinoactivist 


How to apply: send to signup form.